Terms of use

At the moment unitecms.io is in BETA phase. This means, that the platform can be used without any service fees, however not all functions are 100% production ready at the moment. Although, we are very carefully, try to make backups as often as possible and avoid downtimes, please be aware that during the BETA phase you are using unitecms.io at your own risk.

Once we are reaching the first stable release on unite cms (planed for 01-2019), we will provide full terms and a full service level agreement (SLA).

Our services

This page, as well as our hosted CMS platform unitecms.io and all other related websites under domains like *unitecms.io, *.unite.co.at or similar, are provided by us: unite - Software Development GmbH (for our fill legal name see imprint). By accessing one of this websites and especially by creating an account for unitecms.io you agree to this terms as well as to our data protection policy.

Fees & Payment

As already written in the beginning of this document, we are currently in BETA phase. During this time, the platform is free to use so there are no fees or payments at the moment. Once we are reaching the first stable release, there will be one small free plan as well as different paid plans. If you are a BETA user, your account will be converted into a free account, once we are reaching the first stable release and we most likely will provide some kind of discount for one of the paid plans.

BETA phase & SLA

At the moment wer are in BETA phase. We try our best to provide a stable platform, in fact we are already using the platform ourself for real world projects. However, we cannot guarantee that the service will be available all the time. Also, we are doing a backup of the unitecms.io database a few times a day and try to do any database schema updates gracefully, but there is the chance that your content will be lost. So again: Please be careful if you are using unite cms during the BETA phase and please report any bugs / feature request to our github repository.