Why we need another kind of CMS

The story of unite cms
For the last ten years, Stefan my co-founder and me were building websites, apps and custom business applications using web technologies and – of course - a CMS, most of the time it was Drupal. We worked as employees for agencies, freelancers for companies and startups, building small to very big websites, internal business software and other applications.
In this time we realised that it is surprisingly hard to develop and maintain software projects, that need to have individual requirements as well as high standards of quality at the same time, because of one part in our technology stack: the CMS.

The CMS’ plugin problem

Most Open Source CMS out there want to reach flexibility by providing a huge and complex system of plugins that can be combined and extended to meet individual requirements. However, this architecture often has a very bad impact on the CMS’ User Experience and the quality of the project because the whole system is just cobbled together. At the same time, developers are limited by the functionality and quality of these plugins: Instead of developing software to find the best solution, their job is to hack plugins to come somewhere close.

The truth is: There is no simple project

The CMS’ plugin problem even gets worse if you realise that there are no simple software projects. Even when developing a simple blog, at some time in the project there might be the idea for a special menu style, custom footer layout or other functionality. However, instead of writing a little bit of HTML and CSS code, the developer needs to talk the client out of the individual feature because of the used plugins, there is no simple solution.

The future of content management

We strongly believe that in the future, the line between a website, an app, internal business applications and other software components will become blurred and will disappear eventually. In this world, the CMS becomes the central hub for all kind of content for all applications, no matter if they are an external marketing website or an internal project management tool. All traditional CMS that are built for a certain purpose, will not fit into this world, because the future applications will be even more individual and special than today.

Our vision

Because of this issues, we founded unite. Our business goal is to create a new kind of CMS that becomes the central content management system for organisations and companies, allowing to manage content of all applications together in one system. Instead of a plugin system, we design unite cms in a way, that allows developers to integrate it into any technology stack and to create a content structure for all kind of software projects. At the same time we can deliver a continuous high User Experience standard for content editors.


Franz Wilding, Stefan Kamsker