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With our decoupled architecture and the use of a GraphQL API, you are capable of delivering your content to your desired devices: Smartphones, wearables, IoT-devices or refrigerators – your imagination knows no bounds with unite cms.

Enjoy the advantages of Open-Source

Whether you're publishing your product under an Open-Source license or not doesn't matter. unite cms is and will stay Open-Source, which provides you with many benefits: The system's stable, secure, well maintained and there's no such thing as vendor lock-in. We invite you and your developers to help us improve unite cms on Github!

Knowledge is power

Managing and connecting all your data in one system gives you the opportunity to easily and quickly create analyzes. Gain new insights into your business, improve your product and keep an eye on the numbers. Whether you do it yourself or have a data scientist among your ranks: you can finally start diving into big data!

Faster Release-cycles through improved prototyping

Let your team work on your product's prototype, refine it step by step and finally release it to the public. The system's backend is set up and filled with data, and therefore your team can concentrate on improving your product's design and UX, without continually working around technical restrictions.

Adaptable to your business

Be fast and be ready

Create your website, accounting system, CRM, Todo- and Project Management tools with unite cms to experience the advantages of having your data stored in one place. Connect them in unusual ways, gain fresh insights, get new product ideas and accelerate your business.

unite cms grows with you

Grant your team members access to the system, let everyone do their job by giving permissions to one group and restricting some to others. This helps you to maintain order and allows your team to be more focused on the tasks at hand, no matter whether there are 10 or 100 people sitting in your office.

Let your crew do what it’s best at

Everyone has a designated role in your organization: You don't want to make your developer design, do you? With unite cms your engineers can concentrate on implementing new features, while your design team enhances your product's UX and your content editor writes your next article. And all that thanks to unite cms for being a decoupled system that provides you with an innovative content structure.

Be fully flexible and secure with our cloud-hosting service

To start right away, register for our Beta, and gain access to our system's SaaS version for free until the end of the year. After that, you can choose one of our pricing plans that fits your needs or stay with the free one. We host your instance in an Austrian data center, so you know where your data gets stored, which makes being GDPR compliant more comfortable for you.

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