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Use a system built for developers by developers

Advantages of our headless CMS

Use our innovative content structure

Through the system's decoupled architecture you're not only improving your project's completion time, but you're also separating data and logic from design and presentation. Use our GraphQL API to feed your applications with data and save data from your projects back into unite cms.

One system to rule them all

Gather all your data in one backend, and you won't need 20 different systems to fulfill your needs. Save time by managing and connecting data in one place, providing one project with data from an entirely different one. Effortlessly create analyzes to gain insights into what matters to you.

Easily expandable through an open structure

We know you don't like navigating through complicated UI processes. That's why we do our best to create an open and flexible architecture for your coding desires. We want you to be able to extend the system's functionality to create new and innovative applications without putting obstacles in your way.

Use your favorite tools

When working with a classical CMS, you are often limited to the tools you can use. Are you into PHP, Python or Javascript? No problem – you can work with your favorite programming language and development stack while using unite cms.

We love Open-Source

The Community matters

The opportunity to give something back to our fellow developers is one reason why it was an easy decision for us to publish unite cms under an Open-Source license. We'd be thrilled if you decided to contribute on Github!

Advantages of Open-Source

With your help, we want to extend the system's functionality, make it as secure and robust as possible, keep it well maintained and up-to-date. We want to make room for a community that encourages each other to build something awesome with us!

The system's ingredients

unite cms is built with a 100% modern Open-Source technologies we trust and love genuinely: PHP 7.1, MySQL 5.7, Symfony 4 and vue.js.

Choose DIY- or Cloud-hosting

To get started you can either host unite cms on your own server or utilize our cloud-hosting service. Register for our free Beta until the end of 2018, and after that, you'll be able to stay with the free version or switch to one of our pricing plans. Nevertheless, you always have the option to move to your own server without losing your data!

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