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Built for your projects

Collect and manage data in one place

Use unite cms for your website, build a custom CRM or smart todo application for your team. There are no boundaries to what you can create for you or your clients. Being able to manage your data in one place improves your team's workflow by saving time and staying focused more easily.

Benefit from Open-Source

You don't need to worry about vendor lock-in or overpriced licenses when choosing our Open-Source CMS. Also, you benefit from a stable and secure application which is always up-to-date and well maintained by its community. unite cms is and will stay an Open-Source project.

Connect your data in new ways

Are you working with big data? Want to quickly create analyzes of your datasets to gain new insights into your and your client's businesses? One significant advantage of feeding data from your projects into unite cms is the massive amount of data you can manage and connect in one place. Work smarter not harder!

Stay secure and GDPR compliant 

unite cms uses only the securest hashing- and encryption algorithms out there. That way you can always be sure, that your data is safe and sound. Additionally, we offer cloud-hosting: Your data gets stored in an Austrian data center, so being GDPR compliant is also more comfortable for you. Register for our free Beta version to try things out until the end of the year. After that, you can switch to one of our pricing plans, stay with the free version or migrate to your own servers.

Built for Your Team

Unite your team in one application

Let your team members take on their designated functions in unite cms. Create and manage user roles, give and restrict permissions to your needs. That way, your accounting team won't be able to mess with your content manager's work or vice versa.

Make your developers happy

Being developers ourselves, we know what your engineers want: Code. The open structure of unite cms allows easy integration of new features; our GraphQL API makes reading and writing data performant and intuitive. Besides, your programmers are free to use their favorite programming language and development stack while working.

Get your UX-Team focused

Great UX doesn't evolve overnight but is instead a process of many reattempts, experiments, and refinements. While prototyping or redesigning a project, your designers and frontend developers can tinker with getting the best out of your project. Through it's decoupled architecture, our system strictly separates logic from presentation so your prototyping team won't get disrupted by a limiting CMS.

A reliable place for your content editors

We equipped unite cms with advanced content management features like soft deletion, multilanguage support, and revisions. Managing content should be a smooth process without running into technical problems. That's what we want to achieve for your content editors: to let them do their job in a well-thought-out and slick interface.

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