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unite cms allows you to connect and manage all your digital project's data in one single backend. With its headless architecture and powerful GraphQL API, you can display your content on any device and every project. Being Open-Source and built on Symfony 4 makes unite cms robust and easily extensible.

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Think outside the box with an innovative content structure

Manage all your data in one place

Building your CRM, CMS, asset management or door access control system with unite cms enables you to manage all your data in one place. Therefore you can skip the pain of switching between 100 different applications and keep focused on more important things.

Create analyzes from your connected data and gain new insights to accelerate your business and come up with new product ideas.

Desktop App
Smart Home
Smart TV
Online Shop

Build content structures that fit your needs

Use our GraphQL API to deliver your custom structured content to your unite cms projects: Your website, app, CRM or accounting system – you name it. Do you have an innovative startup idea that needs to connect sensors from your flowerpot to a 3D printer? Want to display statistics on a smartwatch or refrigerator? Let your imagination flow and dive into a whole new world of possibilities with our innovative content structure.


Stay agile with rapid prototyping and easy redesigns

Start off prototyping quickly and refine your archetype step by step without getting disrupted by your content management system. When your project is ready for the world to see, going live is a seamless process: Your backend is already set up and ready to feed your application with data. When it's time for a redesign, you only need to concentrate on your design and frontend-programming again. It's as easy as that.

Made for digital professionals

We know what you want: Code

Being developers ourselves we recognize the occasional pain of dealing with traditional content management systems. Clicking through endless UI processes in your backend, laboriously creating fields, dragging and dropping stuff or bearing with insanely high loading times. It's our mission to make unite cms an enjoyable system for developers by giving our system an open structure that lets you do what you do best: code. 

To use our GraphQL API, you don't have to leave the comfort of your favorite technology stack. Use the programming language you want, be it PHP, Javascript, Python, nodeJS or .NET.

Also, instead of maintaining multiple systems and databases for your projects, you can use unite cms to rule them all.

An environment your Content Editors deserve

Your content managers are in charge of creating content that reaches your audience – and that's what they do in unite cms. Let them write to their heart's desire and stop pouting over technical trifles.

We created an intuitive and slick interface with your writers in mind, and the best thing is: Everything they need is already there! unite cms comes with advanced content management system features like content revisions, soft deletion or multi-language support. 

And this is just the beginning; our primary focus is to improve your Editor's experience continuously.

Every great story starts with a decision


Please drop us a line to office@unite.co.at if you're interested in a hosted cloud version of unite cms.

  • 24/7 monitoring and security enhancements
  • A flexible and scalable hosting environment
  • Always updated to the newest stable version
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Open Source

When we started creating unite cms, the decision to publish under an Open-Source license came naturally to us: We want to make our system as robust and secure as possible, save you the downfalls of vendor lock-in and give something back to our fellow developers. Want to help out? Check out our Github page for info on how you can contribute!

  • Full control over data
  • Extend unite cms' functionality
  • Custom security and data-protection guidelines
  • Be part of our Open-Source community

Github Docs & Install

Want to use unite cms for your company or clients and need our support? Or do you have a grand idea for a project and see that our system would be the perfect fit for it? Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get right back at you!